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      The history of Tegginamath is as old as the rule of palayagars of Vijayanagara temple. As Tegginamath was patronized by famous palayagars, it was also known as SAMSTHANAMATH. The palayagars had great reverence to the pontiffs of Tegginamath. The original name of Tegginamath is Hiremath. As math is in the pit, it came to be know as Tegginamath, speaking on an occasion Shri Jagadgur Veeragangadhara swamiji of Rambapuripeetha causally remarked, math is in the pit, The pit is symbol of depth of knowledge . Shri Chandramoulishwara has been a descent of high family parentage, he was born on 1937 at Avaragola as an able son of noble parents.

      Father Shivashankaraiah Hiremath was a man of character and refinement, Mother Smt Siddamma was a saintly reglious women. Sri Swamiji completed his M.A in Philosophy and his illustrious career began with a teaching profession. He greacefully accepted Shri sharanabasappa Appa’s offer to work as lecturer in Philosophy in Sharanabasaweshwara college, Gulbarga in 1964. He was head of the department of Philosophy and then Reader during 1970. Recognizing his services worth recording and commendable, respectfully recommended him to Shri Vageesha Panditharadya of Shrishail peetha to make use of his services in his Vidya Peetha. Later he worked as the founder principal of SJVP college of Harihar during 1970-72.

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